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If you have reached this page,Steve,
You obviously are trying to look at porn,
Or pictures of some bitch that you were looking
at pornography of before.Very unwise.

Of course,there is a chance you reached this
page in error.If you think that
you have reached this page in error,the only
thing you can do is immediatly get me to this
computer.Do NOT close this browser.Do NOT
attempt to conceal what page you came to this
page from.If this browser is closed,
I cannot see the last page you were at,
and you will have no proof whatsoever that
you "innocently" got this page.

The hit counter at the bottom of the page
will let me know you were here.
So dont bother deleting the history
or emptying the temp files.You're busted.

I will be leaving you as soon as possible.
I will need my things shipped to me.
I will require a new home to live in,
and $ to support me until I get established.
Mabey you should just keep paying me
until I die or you die,for having to
put up with this shit.
You really should have thought about this,
before clicking your wife good-bye.
I hope that you and your cyber-sex stupidity
are very happy together.Mabey you can
print the pictures and ask them to cook,clean,
and enjoy life with you!!
Mabey if you had wanted to learn how to
please a woman,instead of jack off,things
would be different.Just goes to prove,
porn is for men who dont know and refuse to
learn how to make a REAL woman happy.
So,thanks for fucking up my life,sailor.
But I will find someone better,who
wants to fuck me in a more pleasurable way.
And I wont have to worry about him every
time I am not in the room,or feel lost without
the sexual confidence that you stole from
me the first time this happened.